Public Library (V.Kudirka g. 13) is a computerized reader service system. To use the library services, you need to buy a new reader's ticket - magnetic card. It shall be issued not less than 4 years.

Ticket Reader - magnetic card issue - 1 Eur;
• For children up to grade IV. - Free, (Druskininkai residents)
• Students in grades V-XII. - 0,50 Eur;

Children under 16 years. Parents must complete an application form (download here)
I, II and III groups and disabled readers have reached retirement age - free of charge on presentation of a certificate.

If losing the reader's ticket, a duplicate of the issue:

Adults - 2 Eur;
Children up to grade IV. And students in grades V-XII. - 1 Eur;

!!! E-reader's ticket is also valid for other cities in public libraries