The loan term can be extended independently. Access to the electronic catalog at the library or menu and select MY AREA.


Enter the reader's license number and password (your last name is Lithuanian letters). You see his pick up a book list. The book is a button for each extension. It is to see the change date. Every book needs to be extended separately.

Or you can make the most of their e-mail received an email - a reminder of the Public Library of Druskininkai. Letter to girls when she come on the blue links ,,maturity extension'' will take you to our library electronic catalog.

The loan period may be extended for a three-day period, the reminder letter, received in your e-mail notification.

If you are late to extend at least one book, the book will not be able to extend,
EXTENSION button closes.

When you receive the message - the call is unable to renew themselves.

Books can extend the phone and Tel.: 8 (313) 51703