Goals and objectives of the Public Library of Druskininkai municipality:

1. Meet people information and cultural needs, create a cohesive, effective for all district groups available library system.
2. Create a library as a community center of attraction; provide services encouraging members of the society to communicate, to participate in civic and cultural events;
3. Collect, organize and disseminate knowledge documented enable the public self-education;
4. Create a library of documents accumulated in the fund an electronic database as integral part of Lithuanian Integrated Library Information System (LIBIS);
5. To promote reading, promote book; mark Public holiday, anniversaries of famous people and writers;
6. Create a knowledge-based society, expand access to the Internet, to promote computer literacy of the community;
7. To collect and disseminate ethnic heritage;
8. To promote and increase the professionalism and work motivation;
9. Improve the quality of library work, form a positive image of the library.
10. Improve library material basis.

Library Fund: according to the data on 1 January 2012 the general library fund is 177 686 physical units. There are 110 161 physical units in Public Library.
Users: according to the data on 1 January 2012 there are 11 408 users in the Public Library, 3 980 in the City Departments and 6 275 users in village divisions.